Application Decoration Guide

There are a number of application methods for decoration of team apparel. 

Direct Screen Print

Your artwork, numbers and lettering are screen printed directly onto the fabric. Screen printed garments will last for years with proper care.

Sewn Tackle Twill

Sewn tackle twill costs a little more than screen printing, but is more durable and has a professional look and feel. In this method, we create your design by sewing cut pieces of twill fabric together and stitching the finished crest to the jersey. This method lends itself to less complex designs, lettering and monogram-style crests.

Direct Dye Sublimation

In this method, the crest, lettering and numbers as well as the jersey design itself are all dyed into the fabric at the time the garment is manufactured. Dye sublimation lends itself to all types of crest designs and holds detail well. You can create jersey designs and special effects that are not possible with a traditional cut-and-sew process and embroidery. We offer dye sublimation in all sports.

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